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About Us

About Us


The fact that people over 65 years old in Taiwan has reached over 10% of the population, together with the decreased birth rate and prolonged life expectancy, demonstrate the increasingly importance of the studies of aging population.

Most elderly people indicated their limitations in activities of daily livings, which negatively influence their quality of lives and greatly increase the cost and mental burden of the elderly and their caregivers.

The concept of “Silver industry” has been gradually raised of its attentions from the society in Taiwan. However, relevant studies which meet the demands and supplies of such industry are still inadequate. The College of Management integrates its Departments of Health Care Management, Industrial and Business Management, Information Management, and Industrial Design and forms a research framework that includes four essential and inter-related research structures, which are “Service Demand,” “Service Supply,” “Business Model,” and “Financial Security.”


Center Structure


Research Team

Center Director: Professor Shu-Yen Wan 

Department of Industrial and Bussiness Management

Specialties:Medical Imaging,Computer Vision,Bioinformatics,Image Processing

Phone:(03)2118800 ext 5819

Other participating faculty and researchers:  

Department of Health Care Management

Department of Industrial and Business Management

Department of Information Management

Department of Industrial Design

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